SPRING IS HERE! (The psychological effects)

Spring is here!
Today, March 21, spring enters the northern hemisphere, the season of the year that brings with it the rebirth of hopes and, at the same time, presents humans with different expectations to reflect and act.
Mexico and Poland, although located in this same hemisphere, live this stage differently, although there are also some small similarities.
In Poland the arrival of spring means a real change, mainly because of the difference that is clearly perceived in the environmental temperature between it and that of the dying winter. In the last stages of winter, it is common to feel cold of up to minus 20 degrees Celsius practically throughout the country, while in April, temperatures will no longer fall below 17 degrees. This makes the perception of spring in Poland very special, different from the one that Mexicans live in our country regardless of the region in which we find ourselves.
As Mexico is a country with a vast territorial extension, being located between parallels closer to the equator and having such varied ecosystems (tropical rainforests, deserts, mountains, valleys and coasts) can not make a marked difference between the change of winter to spring, so the psychological impact on Mexicans is different from that experienced by the Polish people.


Although it may seem insignificant, climatological factors mark differences that influence the psyche of people. It is known that the crude and extensive winters like those that usually live in Poland generate in the individuals feelings similar to depression. It is also known that this affects much more people who are not accustomed to living these circumstances, as is my case. Can you imagine trying to develop daily activities under such extreme temperatures and suddenly realize that it was already totally dark when the clock marks just 3 o’clock in the afternoon? The only time I experienced any similar experience was in Mexico during the Total Eclipse of the Sun in July 1991 when it got dark for a few minutes at approximately 1 in the afternoon.
The attitude of the people in Poland changes with respect to the previous months, as if they had suddenly cut the atmosphere that was perceived with huge scissors. The feelings of Christmas and the celebration of the new year were left behind and the door is opened to carry out activities of this new season, among which there is one that people practice in an almost religious way and it is gardening. The care and maintenance of the garden in perfect condition is a priority here and no effort is spared to achieve it. And although even at this temperature it is not possible to plant anything out in the open, people in Poland are already 100% prepared to work in the gardens when Mother Nature arranges it.

In Poland we are experiencing a spring start at minus 7 degrees Celsius and although the weather predictions indicate that the following week the temperature will rise to 15 degrees does not compare with what I read today about the 45 degrees that are being felt in Merida Yucatan. I think that was why Vodka was invented, in the case of Poland, and cold beer for places so warm but so beautiful in my Mexico, beautiful and loved. Somehow you have to counteract the effects of extreme temperatures. 😉




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