Our next goal in “” is to make trips to Mexico so that travelers from Poland and anywhere in Europe can know the main values ​​and cultural riches of tourist interest of the Mexican Republic.

But … What is Cultural Tourism?
It is a way of traveling in which the main objective is to know and appreciate spaces and events of cultural interest in a certain place, and in this case Mexico has a large number of elements that are considered of cultural interest, (archaeological sites, magical Towns, architectural jewels, traditional festivals, folk music and dance, handcrafts and a wonderful gastronomy).

Main characteristics of the tourist trips organizated by team
Mexico has hundreds of tourist destinations of cultural interest that have spread internationally, but there are also wonderful cultural riches that have not been widely spread outside their borders and it is in these spaces where we will focus our intentions.
Trips of Mé do not pretend to be the ones offered in the traditional travel agencies. We are experts in tourism and traditional culture of Mexico, we know the events, parties and celebrations, as well as places where gastronomic riches are made in the original and authentic way. We want to organize trips where mass tourism hardly goes, we want to show the intimate Mexico, the traditional Mexico still unknown by the great majority of international tourists.

Mexico is a very large country, (1,960,000 square kilometers) and of great cultural and tourist wealth, that is why the work team of is designing the logistical factors of each trip to make them known to our readers as soon as possible.

For this, this virtual space will be used as a platform of action in which the details of each trip such as times, routes, events, places to visit, dates, legal conditions and costs will be described.

Are you interested? You will soon receive news about it, for now we continue working with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

See you soon!!!


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