Resultado de imagen de celebración de la independencia de polonia

Today we celebrate, and I say CELEBRATE, 100 years of the reconstitution of the Polish State and its reappearance on the world map after having disappeared from it.
A small but emotional note to congratulate all my Polish friends, my family and the whole country for this important date in their history.
If in Mexico we celebrate our national holidays with Tequila and saying ¡Salud! Today in Poland I will undoubtedly have a drink of good Vodka and I will toast with a very sincere and happy          ¡Na Zdrowie!






Much has been said and written about the celebration of the day of the dead in Mexico, so this time I try to address in this post the social phenomenon that I call “Calaverización del día de muertos”. There is a bit of history and some personal opinion about it that may be interesting. If you can read it, I invite you to comment because in the previous post a good debate was made. I hope you enjoy this, you know in:




Hello again. From Poland commemorating the event as important for the history of man as it is the day of the race, the Hispanic, respect for diversity or decolonization, everything will depend on what country, commonly Spanish speaking. Yes, today October 12 we remember some, or celebrate others the moment when Christopher Columbus in the name of the Spanish crown stepped for the first time, in 1492 lands of the continent that is now called America.

A very controversial, but very intense and full of meaning, symbolism and even mysticism.

I invite you to read the brief, but very descriptive note in which I describe historical data, how this date is celebrated, diverse opinions, historical errors and controversies in:

Of course, everything from my particular point of view.





Hello, I greet you again from Zory, Poland.

As you may have noticed, the page “” is taking on a more personal sense. I have decided to handle less academic content and to involve the texts in a much more daily, more human and personal space. It seems to me that whoever searches for accurate and concrete data about Mexican culture, simply opens the Google and finds plenty of information about it. This does not mean that I will leave aside the formal and academic aspect that by dates or relevance considers important to publish in this space.

Using the above words, I would like to share with you that since the end of August and the beginning of September I have spent time harvesting the products that I sowed at the beginning of the spring of this year. Without a doubt an effort that was worth it and whose details I want to share with you in the complete note:


Welcome again and I send you a warm greeting from Zory.




Teaching Spanish allowed me to meet and treat wonderful people, committed to their goals, demanding, fair and very respectful people. Thank you Natalia, Judyta, Alla, Grzegorz, Illona, ​​Dominika R., Dominika Ch., Blazej, Anna, Emi, Wiktoria, Anna, Oli, Maja, Karo, Aga and Nina.

Special thanks to Miss Anna Kania and her husband Kamil for supporting my participation in this prestigious language institute in our city.

I am ready to take another step, always counting on the unconditional support of my wife and my children. He calls me again dance, painting, the promotion of Mexican culture in Poland and the Polish culture in Mexico. Everything is ready and I’m starting.

Whats Next?

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Hello Again… First of all I want to apologize for the prolonged absence in this blog.

For various reasons, some premeditated and others fortuitous, I decided not to upload notes until the period that has already ended has passed, so here I am.

This intense electoral process happened in Mexico, time that has served me to reflect on a thousand personal and collective situations thinking, mainly in my family and friends, but also in the society in general that lives in my wonderful Mexico.

I have also solved, (at least momentarily and technically), the legal and obligatory requirement that the European Union has imposed on all those who administer web pages or blogs such as “Mexico in Poland”, regarding the privacy and protection of personal data policies. This has been hard for me because I’m not European and there were many doubts to clarify to restart with my publications.

After this period, I reinitiate the work of communicating by entering a topic that is going very well in these times because the heat in Mexico and in Poland is truly unbearable. Many people in Poland ask me if beer in Mexico is good, if it is expensive, what are the brands etc. Well the answer to these questions can read it in the present entry in this, his blog “Mexico in Poland.” I invite you to read, “MEXICAN BEER … Brief historical review” in …




Today I want to talk briefly about my experiences in Poland regarding the change that is perceived in the general environment with the arrival of spring. This is the third time that I have the opportunity to live this experience and it still catches my attention.
This can be read as something without much sense but I personally must admit that this change does cause me certain emotional effects, perhaps psychological, something difficult to describe, because this experience I never lived in this way in Mexico. Have you ever felt in Mexico feelings caused by this change of seasons?
I invite you to read the full note and leave me your comments and suggestions or to ask your doubts about it.

Warm greetings to my friends in MEXICO, POLAND and in some other countries of EUROPE where we already have some subscribers.


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 Mexican Cinema is the great winner at the 2018 Oscars with Guillermo del Toro and “Coco”.

The Mexican director Guillermo del Toro won the Oscar 2018 in the categories of best director and best film, for the shape of water. In addition, the movie “Coco” won the award for the best animated film.

This is very good news for Mexico and is a sign of the ability of Mexicans to get ahead despite the terrible circumstances that our country is currently experiencing. !Yes you can!

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Hello again, this time I invite you to take a look at our page, which already has a design that I found more dynamic and attractive.

What do you think ?.

On the other hand have reopened the section of tourism in Mexico, where we talk about the spaces of tourist and cultural interest which our country has, we will inform about the beginning of the planning of the first trip from Poland to Mexico, and I say the first one because we will do many more!

If you want to know more about our travels to México:

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