My students in Spanish lessons.

Teaching Spanish has been a great experience, especially when you teach them to Polish students. This enriching experience has clearly shown me part of the way of being of the people of this country. The complex and millenarian Polish history, its rich culture, as well as the dramatic changes of climate and temperature between one season of the year and another have marked the character of the people of Poland which could seem cold, serious, sometimes excessively formal, but It is at the same time, kind, direct, cordial and in many occasions even very warm.

Teaching Spanish allowed me to meet and treat wonderful people, committed to their goals, demanding, fair and very respectful people. Thank you Natalia, Judyta, Alla, Grzegorz, Illona, ​​Dominika R., Dominika Ch., Blazej, Anna, Emi, Wiktoria, Anna, Oli, Maja, Karo, Aga and Nina.

Special thanks to Miss Anna Kania and her husband Kamil for supporting my participation in this prestigious language institute in our city.

I am ready to take another step, always counting on the unconditional support of my wife and my children. He calls me again dance, painting, the promotion of Mexican culture in Poland and the Polish culture in Mexico. Everything is ready and I’m starting.

Whats Next?

I do not usually write about my personal life in this blog but it deserves the occasion to do it now, because I am in a stage of substantive changes from my arrival in Poland, for what I consider it a good reason to restart periodicals in ” Mexico in Poland. “

The election period in Mexico ended with a great victory for democracy and freedom of suffrage. The results are surprising and encouraging for the development of my country. Mexico is going now (in my view) in the direction of a change that will lead it to be recognized again as a leading country in the world.

On the other hand, I have resolved technical doubts regarding the personal data protection law that came into force in Europe and I can republish notes and articles on our “Mexico in Poland” page.

This period of personal transition I met wonderful people, I fulfilled one more objective in my stay in Poland, my children continue to give great satisfactions to me and my wife, they achieved each of them with great personal effort, the completion of another stage in its development academic. Enriquito finished preschool and is ready to enter elementary school. Irina on her own finished high school and goes to high school. Both did it with outstanding recognitions in their respective schools. It is said easy, but they started their respective learning with a level 0% of the Polish language. My recognition, admiration and total love to my children. On the other hand, my wife consolidates as a professional in the area of ​​tourism actively participating in one of the most important tourism companies in Poland.

All of the above naturally obliges me to move forward, the differences in culture, customs, climate and mainly in the language can not be an obstacle to progress and development. This is where the experience and professional background becomes important to formally start the work of promoting Mexican culture in Poland. In this way I will continue to increase my individual development as a creator in the areas of art that I am passionate about.

This Blog, will be an important means to spread these objectives, to show the values ​​and wonders that Mexico can offer to the world and from today, to show in Mexico the countless values ​​that Poland possesses.

Of course, all of you are invited to participate in this project through your opinions, suggestions or direct interventions with relevant photographs, videos or texts. Everyone will be welcome !!!

Soon there will be more news, soon in next publications I will show achievements, advances and details of my development and the news of “Mexico in Poland”.

See you soon!




  1. Enrix te mando besos y abrazos, no hay obstáculos grandes, qué orgullo que lleves a otro país nuestra cultura y tradiciones, yo quiero apoyar desde acá a que conozcan mi México lindo y querido, dime de qué manera por favor. Te quiero mucho y felicidades a Irinks y a Quique por sus logros en la escuela, abrazo y beso a Agush y felicidades a los cuatro, son una hermosa familia.

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