As a good Mexican living abroad, specifically in Poland, I like to talk to my friends and acquaintances about how diverse and beautiful my country is. I speak to you about the simplicity, solidarity and joy of its people, about the natural beauties with which nature has endowed us and about the cultural richness that is a product of the fusion of the two great cultures that make up the society of present-day Mexico. The conquest, in 1521 of the original cultures of the territory that today occupies the great country called Mexico by the forces of the Spanish empire, caused an almost immediate fusion of men and women, of…


    2019, Intense beginning of the year for mexicans

    Mexico and Poland – Poland and Mexico. This 2019 began in Mexico with facts that have caused a great impact on the international media. Taking into account the complexity and greatness of Mexico, I dare to select only three events that took place in the first month of the year that begins, which from my point of view are the most significant. The first is political, the second occurred in the middle of the state of social decomposition and institutional corruption that exists in my country and the third belongs to the cultural sphere. 1.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumes the Presidency of Mexico.  Despite having competed and lost in…

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