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Will you assist in charging energy to Teotihuacan?

Many people attend the archaeological zones of Mexico this March 21, (spring equinox), because they consider that the cosmic forces are concentrated in these places and being there, their bodies and spirits will be charged with these energies. I believe that reality is very different. And you would attend? I invite you to read the full note in:



Spiritual development from Mexican Prehispanic cosmovision

We opened a space to the development of the theme of “BEING” treated from the point of view of the pre-Hispanic metaphysics and spirituality of Mexico assuming the depth of its knowledge in relation to the universe and natural energies assimilated from its own worldview. Aztecs, Toltecs, Teotihuacanos …
Ma ximoaxiltikan!… (Welcome in nahuatl language*)

You can check it all in our section: “Living Greatly” in main menu.

*Nahuatl is the language  used by prehispanic mexican civilizations like Aztecas, Teotihuacanos, Toltecas and many others.



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