For the third year in a row, the period in which the plantings of seeds brought from Mexico bring their fruits arrives in mid-September. This is a clear sign of the fertility of the land in Poland.

I am a lover of Mexican cuisine and gastronomy and although I do not have the title of chef (chef), I am able to elaborate traditional Mexican dishes using technical knowledge in its preparation, as well as traditional and historical and also a bit of sensitivity. I am totally convinced that cooking is art.

Living in Poland, cooking some traditional Mexican dishes is a challenge, since it is practically impossible to have the exact ingredients. For this reason I have proposed for the second year in a row to plant seeds of some basic products in Mexican cuisine such as corn, different types of peppers, pumpkins, cilantro and epazote. Here you can find other ingredients such as beans, beans, chickpeas and cheese.








This year has been excellent, because I managed to harvest pumpkins of different types, epazote, which by the way I did not have to plant it, because it grew only after the winter snowfall where I had planted it last year, I also obtained Mexican corn for the first time , serrano, jalapeño and tree chiles, cilantro and green tomatoes. I also planted radishes, carrots, parsley, celery and tomatoes in my organic garden with surprising results.

The work is arduous, but the satisfaction is greater. Surely in 2019 I will repeat the process and hope that the results are even better.

Some Mexican colleagues living in Poland, have asked me if I sell these products, to which I reply negatively, because it is not my intention to do business with the plantings because I do not have the required technology or enough time to invest in the sowing process, Care, maintenance and harvest. My goal for now is to produce for personal consumption and my family.

Although much of the traditional culinary needs of Mexico have been met, I must accept that I still have to import from Mexico some other items to try to complement the picture, however it is necessary to say that the traditional Mexican gastronomy is so rich, so varied and so extensive that exist, despite the advantages of globalization, some dishes that are impossible to prepare in Poland for the impossibility of getting the basic ingredients, such is the case of the Hidalgo-style pit barbecue, or nopales in their various preparations or the tamales in banana leaf.

In later notes I will begin to describe -not by way of recipes-, some information about the traditional Mexican dishes and stews that I have managed to prepare in Poland using products that I have brought from Mexico, as well as those I can get in the Polish markets and through Of course those that I have managed to harvest here. I must accept that almost always there is an ingredient missing from the dishes prepared here, but I can also say that with creativity, ingenuity and a taste for cooking, it is possible to achieve results that are practically identical to those that would be obtained if all the elements that make up a traditional Mexican dish. My expert diners have confirmed it to me and I gladly confirm it.


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