It is more and more frequent and it becomes increasingly evident that the dynamics of daily life generate in the human being, a series of disorders and effects that unfortunately are almost always negative.
There are hundreds of factors that contribute to this and it seems that new causes of stress, anxiety, depression and some other effects that seriously affect human life are generated every day.
Before all this, the PATH is the return to the conscience of the human essence, the conscience that will take us to the knowledge of oneself with what we will be able to answer the questions that will open us the doors of a full, bright and positive life.
Who I am? / Because I am here? / What is my goal in life?
Subsequently we will deal with issues with this reference here since in, we have as one of our main objectives the promotion of the essential values ​​of the human being in front of the human being.
To achieve this, we will base our knowledge on ancestral customs and traditions related to personal self-knowledge, the integration of man with the energies of the universe and the obtaining of benefits on the terrestrial plane through internal knowledge and the practice of consequent actions They have bequeathed us the original cultures of the center of Mexico.


“Do not allow the noise of the opinions of others to silence your inner voice “.

Steve Jobs

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