We are an enthusiastic group of experts and lovers of Mexican Art and Mexican Culture. We settled in the beautiful city of Zory, which is located in the Upper Silesia region of Poland.

We have great experience and professional preparation in aspects such as the diffusion and cultural promotion, gastronomy, art and tourism of Mexico, reason why we have initiated this project denominated MEXICO.IN.POLAND, –Promotion of the Mexican Culture in Poland– which is an alternative virtual space in which we should to show some relevant aspects of Mexican art and culture.

Here you will find interesting notes on some topics of the Mexican Culture, as well as the necessary information about our services and products:

-Classes of spanish language

– Conferences and talks about the Mexican Culture

– Promotion of cultural and artistic events in Poland

– Management to make exchanges between Mexican and Polish artists in both countries

– Making Cultural Trips to Mexico

In this space we intend to make known the details, news, ideas and any matter that may be of interest to the Spanish-speaking community that is located in Poland, of course with a special touch of Mexicanism, because this is our origin and reason for being in this world virtual. Of course, there is no way to exclude everyone who for one reason or another likes to participate in this place where the exchange of ideas and freedom of expression is our priority, always with respect and following our editorial line.


Enrique Guzmán