Today is a national holiday in Poland, today everything is White and Red “biały i czerwony”. In homes, in shops, in public buildings, national colors shine more than ever. The feeling is one of taste, happiness and also of remembrance and honor for the heroes and martyrs who have consolidated the bases to build the powerful and proud country of which today the Poles take pride with all reason.
Speaking today with my wife -who is Polish-, I remembered that when she lived in Mexico for thirteen years, she celebrated, enjoyed and respected much more than many Mexicans our national celebrations every September 16th. Today I can understand that if you are an honest and conscientious individual and if you free yourself from ideological prejudices you will realize that you can and should feel love for other countries and more when your people and your own country opens its doors and welcomes you with great respect
Today I proudly CELEBRATE THE CENTENNIAL OF THE RESURGENCE OF POLAND and its reappearance on the map of Europe after having disappeared being its territory divided between Germany, Russia and Austria. The reconstitution of the Polish State in 1918.

Today I am a full participant in this celebration and I congratulate myself for this, and I congratulate all the Poles, especially my friends – who fortunately are many already – my family and I wish with all my heart what is sung and desired here when someone celebrates an anniversary more …



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